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Re: GNU Autoconf progress

Ludovic wrote:
> I quickly tried the autoconf on Solaris 2.6 

Thanks much!

> checking for socket... no : requires to add  -lsocket -lnsl to work.
	Added checks for -lnsl, -lsocket, and -linet

I followed some examples of other autoconf codes which order -lnsl
-lsocket.  The examples check -linet, so I added a check for it as well.

If you have additional "configure" issues, be sure to send me a
copy of config.log and config.status from a fresh configure run
(ie: no config.cache).

I am quite pleased to see:
	checking for pthread.h... yes
	checking for sched.h... yes
	checking POSIX thread version... final
	checking for pthread_create... yes

	checking for sched_yield... no

But wonder why sched_yield() is missing... (no big deal, just
curious as I thought, from reading Nichols' "Pthreads Programming"
that sched_yield() was required in final standard compliant
Pthread implementation).  As a number of "final" implementations
see to leave out sched_yield() , maybe the book's statement is

I've added a check to ensure that either sched_yield()
or pthread_yield() exist.

> I'm sorry that I don't have much time to help with Solaris.

Well, even a simple run of configure & make depend is quite useful.

> Anyway, attached are the full configure, make depend, make logs.

I think the "make depend" output gives me enough to work on for now.

Again, thanks!