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liobraries rename

from a private discussion with Kurt.

> can we consider moving libraries to lib? it's silly to call it libraries
> and I've seen several pacakages i.e. pine depend on looking inside
> libraries instead of libs. Let's follow the standard on this one. it is
> one less thing to worry about while linking

I do not believe your argument is strong enough to warrant serious
consideration.  Renaming a directory would be quite painful and
sufficent cause should have be shown to justify the effort.  If you
believe there is such cause, please start a discussion on -devel
so that your proposal can be openly discussed.


me again:
I would like to start moving libraries to lib if at all possible. this is
more in line with standard lib naming schemes. to maintain backword
compatiblity during this time, we can make libraries be a symlink to lib
until we can remove it. if there is no disagreement with this, I can start
with this on my own private tree.