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Heads up, Latest Enhancements, new snapshot available

The following enhancments have been recently added
to -devel:
	* support to DB2 DBI
	  derived from Kurt Spanier's Umich patch

	* basic support for SHA1 passwords
	  contributed by Daniel J Gregor

	* basic support for MD5 passwords
	  contributed by me

	* slurpd repl failure fixed!
	  provided by Andreas Mack

	* slurpd pthread detach/join partial fix
	  contributed by me

	* back-ldbm fixes
	  provided by Stuart Lynne

	* build/install fixes
	  provided by various persons

Heads Up:
	-DHAVE_SLEEPYCAT_DB2 option has been replaced.
	See Make-common.dist for details on how to
	enable DB2 -compat185 support.

An new snapshot (openldap-devel-980903.tgz) is available
for those not using AnonCVS.

Enjoy!  Kurt