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Re: UTF-8 support for libldap

Hallvard B Furuseth escribió:
> I'd be surprised if it is correct, since it translates *everything* > from T.61 to the specified charset at BER level, regardless of > attribute type
> or anything.  Not to be used for write operations:-)
> Still, it works fine for (non-binary) read access.

I think my approach is different. The change is not on the server, it is
in the library instead.  The philosophy is that you keep UTF8 in your
server files.  I gather that storage was supposed to be in T.61, so the
need to translate it to something more palatable.

My patch works both for read and write operations.  The standard ldap
clients have not been updated (and they need it), but I have extensively
tested this through a CGI script (based on web500.pl from Clayton
Donley).  I have accented characters both in attribute values and on the
DNs themselves.  Most of the database has been built this way.

I have not tried it with binary attributes, though.  I don't really know
what to do about this.  The standard code seems to be translating
from/to T.61 regardless of the syntax, so I am now royally confused.

So, WHAT is the right approach?  The approach that provides today this
capability before V3?

> What do you mean?  I assume you don't mean you want to show the user raw
> T.61?

I mean, who needs T.61 at all?