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Re: Mozilla client library

>Netscape have released their Mozilla client library source. It's streets
>ahead of the UMich code. Can OpenLDAP absorb this within the terms of the
>Mozilla Public License?

The Netscape Directory SDK is available under the Netscape Public License
not the Mozilla Public License.  This license is similiar to the MPL put
places additional restrictions upon use and distribution of the materials.
The SDK is also encumbered by a variety of patents and export restrictions.
The NPL (and the MPL) are much more restrictive the our license.  These
issues need to be sorted out.

Also, as Netscape is actively coordinating development of this software, 
there is no need to duplicate this work.

With that said, I believe we will be able to leverage this work.  I suspect
we will provide it as "contrib" software.

When things firm up on this front, we'll be sure to make an announcement.