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Re: Problems building LDAP with gcc/Linux


I've loaded RedHat 5.1 (gcc on a testbox (an old 486),
extracted the release, typed "make" twice (without editing
the created Make-common) and successfully built the
release without warnings.  The test suite succeeds with
the exception of the replication test (this is a known
problem which is being investigated)   

I also tried RedHat 5.1 egcs v2.90.27 with same results.

Which versions of the compiler/libc are you using?  Have
you changed any other Make-common options?

>add '-fwritable-strings' to the CFLAGS:

Can you send me (not the list) the build output? 

Ie:	make veryclean
	(mv Make-common Make-common.save; \
	uname -a ; gcc -v ; \
	make ; make ; \
	cd tests; make ) \
	  >& make.out
	mail -s "bug: -fwritable-strings" kurt@boolean.net < make.out

Thanks!  Kurt