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Added TCP wrappers support, built new snapshot

I've added TCP wrapper support to slapd/ldapd!  This allows
you to control access to your server via host_access(5) rules.
(requires tcp_wrappers's -lwrap to be installed).

I've also built a new napshot:

For ease of downloading, I've added symbolic links "ldap-devel.tgz"
(latest development snapshot) and "ldap-stable.tgz" (latest stable

Also includes in this -devel snapshot:
	1) detection of SunOS 5.6 as a separate platform
	2) changes to THREAD_SUNOS5_LWP to support SunOS 5.6
	3) changes to support POSIX_THREADS
	4) changes to LDAP_CRYPT, now expects extra library
		to be defined in Make-common.  Extra library
		is only linked in when necessary.
	5) LDAP World P16 was #ifdef'ed out, causes hangs
	6) changes to tests to work better within the CVS environment
	7) Various platform compatibility changes.

I'd like to announce the general availability a distribution
next week (Friday morning) to the general public (ie: ldap@umich.edu).
If you have changes you would like included, please send them to
the list (or directly to me) as soon as possible.

Enjoy!  Kurt