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(ITS#7770) mdb_stat in cn=monitor

I'm currently testing this feature back-ported to RE24 branch.

I noticed that these attributes are set to empty values:


Rest of entry looks good:

dn: cn=Database 1,cn=Databases,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitoredObject
objectClass: olmMDBDatabase
structuralObjectClass: monitoredObject
cn: Database 1
createTimestamp: 20190312102553Z
modifyTimestamp: 20190312102553Z
monitoredInfo: mdb
monitorIsShadow: FALSE
namingContexts: cn=accesslog
readOnly: FALSE
monitorOverlay: noopsrch
seeAlso: cn=Overlay 1,cn=Overlays,cn=Monitor
seeAlso: cn=Backend 2,cn=Backends,cn=Monitor
olmMDBPagesMax: 97656
olmMDBPagesUsed: 33695
olmMDBPagesFree: 88
olmMDBReadersMax: 126
olmMDBReadersUsed: 3
olmDbDirectory: /var/lib/ldap/accesslog/
entryDN: cn=Database 1,cn=Databases,cn=Monitor
subschemaSubentry: cn=Subschema
hasSubordinates: TRUE