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Re: (ITS#8734) Fixes for multiple back-asyncmeta issues

A new version of the patch has been uploaded at ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/nadezhda-ivanova-190228.patch

The patch has been integrated with master and tested.
It includes all the changes necessary to fix back-asyncmeta issues
discovered during on-site testing since the start of 2016.
These include:
Issues with stability - crashes and assertion failures
Incorrect behavior during unstable network conditions, such as inability to reset connections
or process responses, or "hanging" to wait for a response that would never be received.
Memory leaks and memory management fixes - major redesign of the way back-asyncmeta
works with memory contexts.
Rewrite was replaced with suffix-massage in configuration, and the network-timeout value was changed to milliseconds.
Incorrect behavior when SASL is used to bind to a target.
Many problems caused by race conditions
Fixes for compiler warnings, and tests.
Cleanup of unused code.

Nadezhda Ivanova

Software Engineer
Symas Corporation                       http://www.symas.com