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Re: (ITS#8979) The -l <timelimit> or -o nettimeout=<timelimit> don't limit DNS lookup time

--On Monday, February 18, 2019 4:32 PM +0000 avarab@gmail.com wrote:

>> Closing this ITS.
> Fair enough, but is that a "we don't want this ever" or "if someone
> submitted a patch for (possibly OS-specific) DNS timeout we'd be
> interested".

This was already answered in Howard's reply:

> If you know of any widely available resolver API that allows specifying a 
> on individual queries, you're welcome to submit a patch supporting this 
> The standard -lresolv doesn't provide such an interface.

I.e., the ITS can always be reopened if a working resolver API can be found 
and a patch is supplied.



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