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Re: (ITS#8125) MMR throws away valid changes causing drift

ondra@mistotebe.net wrote:
> This is my understanding of the above discussion:
> - deltasync consumer has just switched to full refresh (but is ahead
>   from this provider in some ways)
> - provider sends the present list
> - consumer deletes extra entries, builds a new cookie
> - problem is that the new cookie is built to reflect the union of both
>   the local and received cookies even though we may have undone some of
>   the changes which we then ignore
> If that's accurate, there are some approaches that could fix it:
> 1. Simple one is to remember the actual cookie we got from the server
>    and refuse to delete entries with entryCSN ahead of the provided CSN
>    set. Problem is that we get even further from being able to replicate
>    from a generic RFC4533 provider.
> 2. Instead, when present phase is initiated, we might terminate all
>    other sessions, adopt the complete CSN set and restart them only once
>    the new CSN set has been fully established.

(2) makes sense.
>    Also, whenever we fall back from deltasync into plain syncrepl, we
>    should make sure that the accesslog entries we generate from this are
>    never used for further replication which might be thought to be a
>    separate issue.

That should already be the case, since none of these ops will have a valid CSN.

> Maybe the ITS#8486 work might be useful for this if
>    we have a way of signalling to accesslog to reset minCSN accordingly
>    to the new CSN set.
> The former is simpler, but the latter feels like the only one that
> actually addresses these problems in full.

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