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(ITS#8926) glue records + syncrepl

Full_Name: Fr.d.ric Goudal
Version: 2.4.46
OS: ubuntu 18.14 LTS
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

The global setup is the following :
- 1 master ldap (2.4.40)
- 1 hidden slave on the master ldap, same suffix, ldap backend
- 1 ldap backend on a distant server (2.4.46)

When starting synchronisation the following event are happening :
- for some reason the sync process ask for creating
dn:uid=foo,ou=bar,dc=my,dc=domaine BEFORE the creation of
dn : ou=bar,dc=my,dc=domain

- on the backend the following entries are created in that order
   - dn:ou=bar,dc=my,dc=domain with the object class glue
   - dn: uid=foo,ou=bar,dc=my,dc=domain

Than... the sync tries to create ou=bar,dc=my,dc=domain with the correct
objectClass : organizationalUnit
But, as the object exists on the backend ldap, creation fails, and
synchronization stops.

     -remove by hand the dn: uid=foo,ou=bar,dc=my,dc=domain, that remove the
glue object
    - create by hand the ou=bar,dc=my,dc=domain

What IMHO slapd should do :
- either check that it does not add an object before its parent objects
- either convert the glue object to the correct object when the real creation is