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(ITS#8925) Please remove the entry for mirror.switch.ch from the Download page

Full_Name: Thomas Lenggenhager
Version: 2.4.9
OS: Solaris
Submission from: (NULL) (2001:620:0:44:12dd:b1ff:fed3:e027)

I already sent twice a message to info@openldap.org, but no action or answer

So I try it on this channel.

Please drop the reference to SWITCH (Switzerland, mirror.switch.ch) on the
Download web page:

Here the message I sent:
The SWITCHmirror service hosted on mirror.switch.ch will be decommissioned

Could you please remove the entry for mirror.switch.ch from your list of mirror
sites and notify us once accomplished?

Thereafter, we will stop the mirroring of this package and drop it from our

PS: See http://mirror.switch.ch for details on the decommissioning.

BTW: I noticed that the Austrian mirror on gd.tuwien.ac.at has completely
disappeared, there is no DNS entry for it anymore.