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RE: (ITS#8618) ldapsearch - unexpected behavior with

Hi Alex,

I was wrong. It is not the lack of port that causes it to fail.

On the third line of the output below you can see the ldapsearch request wi=
thout the port has tried to construct a uri by appending "ldap://"; to anoth=
er ldap uri.

    $ ldapsearch -x -d 255 -h ldap://localhost
    Could not create LDAP session handle for URI=3Dldap://ldap:
    %2F%2Flocalhost (-9): Bad parameter to an ldap routine

If you also specify the port it does not try to append "ldap://"; to the fro=
nt of the hostname/uri. From an external point of view the behaviour is cor=
rect in that the command fails but the internal behaviour of the code is no=
t as intended.


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