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(ITS#8783) LMDB on network share path is inconsistent after put data

Full_Name: Sergey Brester
Version: all, also latest master 4d5e2d2a2ac38b9d56b6ba73187c325024718167
OS: windows
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

If I save many data into LMDB file placed in network share, only the latest key
is really in the database after reopen.
Tested single threaded (1 process, 1 thread). No matter which flags supplied to

So repeateable writing of 10 keys (total 960 times) should result in:

Target-state: 10 keys
  "some-key-0": "951",
  "some-key-1": "952",
  "some-key-2": "953",
  "some-key-3": "954",
  "some-key-4": "955",
  "some-key-5": "956",
  "some-key-6": "957",
  "some-key-7": "958",
  "some-key-8": "959",
  "some-key-9": "960"

After reopen of database you'll see:

Actual-state: 1 key
  "some-key-9": "960"

Doing the same on local drive works fine and actual state is equal target