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Re: (ITS#8461) Unable to import LDIF from back-hdb DB to back-mdb db

--On Friday, July 08, 2016 5:33 PM +0000 quanah@openldap.org wrote:

> In moving off of back-hdb, encountered a scenario where importing the =
> exported via slapcat failed when loading into back-mdb via slapadd.
> There is nothing technically wrong with the entry.  Will provide the
> problematic entry elsewhere, as it contains PII.

To note, the problematic entry has an RDN value > 512 characters.=20
Anonymizing the problem DN, we have:

dn=3D"zimbraSignatureName=3Dxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx x xxxx! =
xx xxxxxxxx xxx'x xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx=E2=80=A6 & xxxx xx x xxxxx xx xx =
xxxx xxxxx!?! =E2=80=A6x xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx =
xxxxxx & xxxxxxxx & xxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx=20
xxxxxxx.,uid=3Dxxxxxxxxxxxx,ou=3Dpeople,dc=3Dxxxx,dc=3Dxx" =
txn_aborted! MDB_BAD_VALSIZE: Too big key/data, key is empty, or wrong=20
DUPFIXED size (-30781)



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