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(ITS#8747) LDAP load balancer daemon (lloadd)

Full_Name: Ondrej Kuznik
Version: master
URL: https://github.com/mistotebe/openldap/tree/lloadd
Submission from: (NULL) (

The 'lloadd' branch linked above contains the load balancer code that is now
ready for review.

This adds a new server to the OpenLDAP project, a load balancing proxy
(prototype). Also, the tls branch contains the work in progress toward
StartTLS/ldaps support (which works apart from certificate checking) and can be
merged once ITS#8746 has been closed.

To test, make sure you have libevent >= 2.0 installed and regenerate the
configure script which now accepts the --enable-balancer option. The code in
question has only been compiled/tested on Linux so far.