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(ITS#8726) slapd -d pcache not available when pcache is a module

Full_Name: Adam Heath
OS: debian stretch
Submission from: (NULL) (

1: In slapd/main.c, parse_debug_level adds 'pcache' to the global
2: main() then calls read_config()
3: eventually, overlay pcache is read from the config file
4: pcache calls slap_loglevel_get, to configure it's static int pcache_debug
5: pcache calls config_register_schema, so the pcache config options can be
6: eventually, pcache:pc_cf_gen() is called, to handle the pcacheTemplate
7: pc_cf_gen calls Debug(pcache_debug)
8: back in main(), immediately after read_config(), parse_debug_unknowns is
called to add the enabled debug levels into the global slapd_debug bit mask.

It'd be nice if I could see the pcache_debug calls when pcache is configured as
a module, instead of having to statically compile it into slapd.

If I use "-d -1", then I *do* see those pcache_debug calls, but then I also see
*everything else*.