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Re: (ITS#8714)

Michael Str=C3=B6der wrote:
> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> There's a weird indent at extended.c:50 or so, the if()
>> statement.
>> Would be better to use op->o_tmpalloc instead of ber_memalloc
>> since you'r=3D e=3D20 immediately freeing the buffer again anyway.
>> I can fix those here if you don't care.
> Yes, I'd highly appreciate if you simply adjust it to your coding style=
> One additional point:
> Currently the external program is not able to produce a custom extended=
> operation response. Mainly it should always return CONTINUE or an error=
> response. I wanted to make this limitation clear in the man-page but wa=
> unsure about the appropriate section.

You could add a LIMITATIONS section, as slapd-monitor.5 and slapd-shell.5=
does. The manpage now needs an update to note that the exop value is base=
encoded. Also, since it is encoded, I don't believe it's necessary to=20
explicitly send the valuelen.

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