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Re: (ITS#8719) slapd_crypt() become slow when many ldap cliant connections occur.

Dear Howard-san,

>There is no issue with thread-safety for ber_strdup. What exact line of me=
mory.c are you talking about?

I think ber_strdup(), which uses ber_memalloc_x(), is non thread-safe becau=
se of the following comment at around line 69 of memory.c:

/* Note sequence and ber_int_meminuse are counters, but are not
 * thread safe.  If you want to use these values for multithreaded applicat=
 * you must put mutexes around them, otherwise they will have incorrect val=
 * When debugging, if you sort the debug output, the sequence number will=20
 * put allocations/frees together.  It is then a simple matter to write a s=
 * to find any allocations that don't have a buffer free function.

Best Regards,
Yoshinori Nishino

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