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Re: (ITS#8707) slapd: Add systemd service notification support

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 08:10:09PM +0900, SATOH Fumiyasu wrote:
>I've added slapd.service file. Please check.

Looks good to me. Thanks again for working on this! :)

Just minor comments:

>-		$(srcdir)/slapd.conf > slapd.conf.tmp ; \
>+		$(srcdir)/slapd.conf > slapd.conf.tmp || exit $$?; \

>-		$(srcdir)/slapd.ldif > slapd.ldif.tmp ; \
>+		$(srcdir)/slapd.ldif > slapd.ldif.tmp || exit $$?

Is there any difference between this and using && instead of ;? (Not 
asking for any change, I just want to make sure I understand.)

>+	if test -n "$(systemdsystemunitdir)"; then \

This is echoed while the rest aren't; maybe it could be either appended 
to the above command, or change to @if.