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Re: (ITS#8707) slapd: Add systemd service notification support


Sorry, I'm not good at English. :-)

On Tue, 08 Aug 2017 05:12:02 +0900,
Ryan Tandy wrote:
> > I guess MAINPID= is actually needed, unless we run slapd with -d, regardless of
> > whether we set Type=forking or Type=notify. Not exactly "needed", but better to
> > have it than not.
> I experimented a bit with a service file. It seems to work well with either Type=forking and NotifyAccess=all, or Type=notify and ExecStart=slapd -d none. The latter (disabling forking) is definitely what systemd upstream recommends.

I think so too. I don't like forking, thus I use "Type=notify" and
"ExecStart=slapd -d0 ..." in my slapd.service file.

> In either case, MAINPID= didn't actually seem to help anything.


> NotifyAccess=main has a chicken-and-egg problem, because systemd needs to know the main PID in order for us to send it the message containing the PID! :) I think the only reasonable way to leave forking enabled would be to also require a PIDFile= setting, which solves that problem. But I'd rather sidestep the entire thing, omit MAINPID= as well, and 
> Looking at the systemctl output I still think STATUS= is redundant and could be omitted.
> So I guess my recommendation for the notify call boils down to:
> rc = sd_notify( 1, "READY=1" );

Agreed. I'll fix servers/slapd/daemon.c later. Thank you.

> and a slapd.service along the lines of:
> [Unit]
> Description=OpenLDAP server
> [Service]
> Type=notify
> ExecStart=%LIBEXECDIR%/slapd -h 'ldap:/// ldapi:///' -d0
> [Install]
> WantedBy=multi-user.target
> (basically identical to the example in systemd.service(5).)

My slapd.service file:

Description=OpenLDAP Server
After=syslog.target network-online.target

ExecStart=%LIBEXECDIR%/slapd -d 0 -h "ldapi:/// ldap:///";


Any comment?

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