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Re: (ITS#8669) Slapd service becomes unresponsive intermittently

quanah@symas.com wrote:
>> Is it possible we have the idletimeout set too high and it should be
>> lowered? I=C2=B9m wondering if there is some sweet-spot value for this
>> particular setting.
> I generally leave it unset unless one is encountering an issue of running
> out of connections.  Generally, it would be fairly strange for idletimeout
> to affect things this way at all.

I generally recommend to set idletimeout even somewhat tight in case you don't have a
strictly defined set of clients. Because a client application which does not use its LDAP
connection for ~5 min. is most times simply not closing connections. And running out of
file handles can affect all file creation on your system (e.g. creating BDB's transaction
log files).

Only the original poster can find out with monitoring.

One can find out stale connections via back-monitor in sub-tree
cn=Connections,cn=Monitor. IITC attribute 'monitorConnectionActivityTime' contains last
client access time on this connection.
(Ummh, I have to add this to my own monitoring script...)

And of course normal system monitoring of file handles would be also helpful.

Ciao, Michael.

(Keep repeating this mantra: monitoring, monitoring, monitoring, monitoringâ?¦)