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Re: (ITS#7347) Exclusive bit masks for: ACL_WADD, ACL_WDEL, and ACL_WRITE

Although I know that I'm highly probable not directly addressed by the 
question "For 2.5?" (see this its's notes), my answer/comment would be 
"Yes", even "Yes, of course.":

As I think, introducing this feature into a later 2.5.x release seems to 
be as problematic as its introduction into running 2.4.x, I think it is 
a good or perhaps the best opportunity to introduce this feature into 
the first 2.5, or 2.6, ... or 3.0 release.

Disclaimer (again): I do not mean applying my patch, which represents 
just a workaround for demonstration/testing purposes. Sorry, I don't 
know how to code the "the bitmask-separation" - but I could and would 
help testing it.

By the way: Thank you very much for taking care of the its' incoming queue!