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Re: (ITS#6545) delta-syncrepl rejects modification master accepted

On Wed, 5 Apr 2017 at 8:18am, ondra@mistotebe.net wrote:

> AFAIK, LDAP doesn't forbid it so I don't see that going away.

Well, then that means that the current behavior is a bug in either the 
syncrepl implementation or the accesslog recording.  Since the MASTER 
gets updated correctly and the REPLICAs (and other MMR members) all fall 
down when attempting to process the accesslog entry.

> It does need a fair bit of attention, the problem is it's something that
> would require a format change and there are already existing consumers
> that would be affected.
> I'm going to try with a patch to record something like this:
> regMod: sn:= George
> regMod: :
> regMod: sn:= George
> Together with the relevant syncrepl updates.
> While consumers would still be affected, this should be quite rare and
> the current handling of that case would have been incorrect anyway. The
> change would then only make the silent failure a noisy one.

Noisy in that the replica/mmr falls over dead or just logs more stuff?

To be honest, my goal is consistency.  I want the replicas (and 
MMR mates) to all wind up with the same values the master has.

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