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Re: (ITS#6545) delta-syncrepl rejects modification master accepted

The attached patch updates the testsuite to reproduce the issue:

The issue is that there is information lost when creating the log entry:
- the ordering of values is not guaranteed by LDAP, even though this is
  rarely an issue with OpenLDAP with main backends (unless some overlay
- there is no way to record where one modification ends and another

The obvious way to fix this is to record that a modification has ended.
This is technically a change to the accesslog format but delta syncrepl
will recover by falling back to plain syncrepl (which it already does in
the reported case).

We could also record the order modifications as well (implementing the
X-ORDERED trait on the attribute), but that would break most consumers
of this format.

OndÅ?ej Kuzník
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