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Re: (ITS#8623) test022-ppolicy can fail due to timing dependency between lockout and expiration tests

On 03/22/2017 03:11 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
>> A recent 2.4.44 package build failed on a VM due to the following timing
>> dependency between the lockout and expiration tests in test022-ppolicy.
> Clocks on VMs are notoriously unstable, which is why we have always 
> used such large margins in these tests. Shaving things down to "1 
> second more than needed" will probably break in multiple build 
> environments.

Just to make sure we're understanding each other clearly -- are you 
saying that you've seen VMs where "sleep 10" won't sleep for at *least* 
10 actual seconds? I haven't come across this, but if you have, then the 
adaptive solution where line 91 checks to see how many seconds have 
elapsed since line 67, and then calculates how much more it needs to 
sleep (perhaps with some more buffer) could be effective. If that 
doesn't work, then another thought might be to widen the difference 
between pwdLockoutDuration and pwdMaxAge to enable greater separation 
between the two tests, and adjust the script accordingly.