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Re: (ITS#8621) Unique through multiple attribute

tatarenko@alpha-it.ru wrote:
> When use Unique overlay it is not possible to prevent users from inserting value
> in attributeA (like otherMailbox) that is already was used in attributeB (like
> mail) through whole domain.
> If i put multiple attributes to Unique overlay it still search through one
> attribute. 
> If i use 
> olcUniqueURI: ldap:///dc=instatsport,dc=com?mail,otherMailbox,proxyAddresses?sub
> Unique overlay still make this search for mail:
>    unique_search (|(mail=123@example.com))
> And this search for otherMailbox
>    unique_search (|(otherMailbox=123@example.com))

I'd say it works as designed and there is no bug.

The work-around for your use-case is to use SUP to derive from a common attribute type.
But this should be discussed on openldap-technical mailing list.

Ciao, Michael.