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Re: (ITS#8607) Second master in MMR config logging contextCSN changes to accesslog

--On Thursday, March 02, 2017 6:46 PM +0000 mberg@synacor.com wrote:

> In order to rule out the possibility that this was introduced by any
> patched Zimbra applied I built out a new package from stock OpenLDAP
> sources and was able to reproduce with both 2.4.44 and 2.4.43, but not
> with 2.4.42 and earlier.

Hi Matt,

I don't see any indication of a bug here.  Zimbra uses "" (empty DN) as its 
root, which shares other responsibilities with the overal DIT.  So it's 
simply logging an update of the contextCSN to its root entry.  This change 
in behavior was made to resolve the issue I reported in ITS#8281.

Closing this report.



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