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Re: (ITS#8584) reloadhint for syncprov overlay should default to TRUE

--On Monday, February 06, 2017 11:54 PM +0000 quanah@openldap.org wrote:

> The "reloadhint" option for the syncprov overlay currently defaults to
> FALSE.  However, the documentation clearly notes that you want to set it
> to true for any release > 2.3.11.  Given that 2.3 has been obsolete for
> years and it has been over 11 years since the release of 2.3.11, we
> should really fix the default value, and note that it should be changed
> if and only if there is a consumer running 2.3.11 or prior.

Actually, since it is not a valid configuration scenario to have a 2.4 
provider and a 2.3 consumer, it seems that the configuration option should 
be deprecated entirely, and the internal code simply default to TRUE.



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