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Re: (ITS#8563) Documentation inconsistency for syncrepl for mdb

--On Saturday, January 07, 2017 8:13 PM +0000 dpa-openldap@aegee.org wrote:

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> The manual states in section olcSyncrepl, second last paragraph:
> "The syncrepl replication mechanism is supported by the bdb and hdb
> backends".
> This text above is repeated in section syncrepl.
> But in section Syncrepl Details, fourth paragraph, is written
> 'The syncrepl engine, which is a consumer-side replication engine, can
> work with any backends.  The LDAP Sync provider can be configured as an
> overlay on any backend, but works best with the back-bdb back-hdb, or
> back-mdb backends.'
> Can syncrepl work with any backend and does it work with bdb equally good
> as with mdb?

Fixed to mention back-mdb/mdb where appropriate.  At the time the 
documentation was written, back-mdb didn't exist.



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