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(ITS#8569) manpage for autogroup

Full_Name: Emily K Backes
Version: anything in the last decade
Submission from: (NULL) (

Quanah squawked at me to add the manpage for autogroup, so here it is.

This is largely based on the contents of the existing README, cleaned up for
ROFF as appropriate, with slapd.d style names added.

I expect we'll need to add more details on delta-syncrepl compatibility after
further testing is done with that.  Note that default ROFF configs may not be
unicode clean, but the original author's name appears to require it.  For text
review I recommend something like

groff -mandocDutftf8 -Tutf8 slapo-autogroup.5 | less

As the attached patch is directly derived from the existing README and standard
OpenLDAP structures, it has the same copyright and distribution terms.  Symas
Corporation and myself (Emily Backes) make no further claims beyond the existing
OpenLDAP Public License.