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(ITS#8566) correction: "symptom details"

The 4th and 5th bullet points under "symptom details" of my original 
ticket text are not supported by the evidence.  Corrected replacements:

* Valgrind does NOT show lost memory after a ONE SASL authentication by 
a process.

* Valgrind shows N-1 lost memory blocks after N multiple SASL 
authentications by a process. Given the same credentials and mech, each 
such block is the same size, ca. 500-600 bytes.

On reflection, it is probably the LAST authentication that frees the 
memory block in question, although my testing seems to indicate it is 
NOT unbind() that does so; perhaps some sort of process termination 
callback in OpenLDAP, SASL, or MD5 library code?

Sorry about the initial inaccuracy.