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(ITS#8562) Typos in the documentation

Full_Name: Дилян Палаузов
Version: 2.4.44
OS: any
Submission from: (NULL) (

In the manual,
- section 8.2.5 Access Control Examples, 2nd paragraph replace "allows anonymous
to authentication against these entries" with "authenticate";
- section 13.2.4 Attibute Type Specification, 4th code snippet, replace "DESC
'common name(s) assciated with the object" with "associated";
- section8.8.1.1 LDAP Sync Replication, last paragraph, replace "is defined by a
general search criteria consisting of base and scope': remove the 'a' in front
of criteria.
- section 20 Monitoring, 3rd paragraph "This information can be access with
ldapsearch", substitute with "accessed".