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Re: (ITS#8551) allow bind_anon_cred in slapd.conf does not work

--On Thursday, December 15, 2016 9:37 PM +0000 yelin@venustech.com.cn wrote:

> To be specific, "allow bind_anon_cred" in slapd.conf does not work as


This report is invalid.  The documentation clearly states:

bind_anon_cred allows anonymous bind when credentials are not empty (e.g. 
when DN  is

I.e., bind_anon_cred allows you to bind with a ldapsearch -W or -w flag, 
but no -D flag provided.

You may be looking for:

bind_anon_dn  allows  unauthenticated (anonymous) bind when  DN  is  not 

Which allows one to bind anonymously rather than as a user, if the DN is 

I.e., if using ldapsearch, ldapsearch -D DN without a -W or -w would allow 
the bind to occur as an anonymous connection.

Hope that helps.



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