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Re: (ITS#8521) Cannot have replication working after setting up the replication config in slapd.d

Actually, it's an invalid issue.

The problem is all in teh sequence of updates on the provider. There are
6 possible scenario, depending on which order we inject the serverID,
teh syncprov overlay and the data :

1) data, serverID, syncprov : invalid. All the data will have a wrong

2) data, syncprov,serverID : invalid, same reason

3) serverID, syncprov, data : All work properly

4) syncprov, serverID, data : All work properly

5) serverID, data, syncprov : the corner case scenario... Syncprov has
no way to know which contextCSN to generate. The only way for the server
to replicate is to do an update, so that the contextCSN is properly

6) syncprov, data, serverID : invalid. All the data will have a wrong

Bottom line, *always* inject the serverID and syncprov *before injecting
some data, or be ready to do an update after having injected syncprov
and serverID.

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Emmanuel Lecharny