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Re: (ITS#8521) Cannot have replication working after setting up the replication config in slapd.d

The problem is that if we already have a ServerID on the producer, it
will never generate a contextCSN, waiting for the consumer to send one,
or for an update to occur :

static int syncprov_db_open( BackendDB *be, ConfigReply *cr )

    /* Didn't find a contextCSN, should we generate one? */
    if ( !si->si_ctxcsn )
        char csnbuf[ LDAP_PVT_CSNSTR_BUFSIZE ];
        struct berval csn;

        if ( slap_serverID || SLAP_SYNC_SHADOW( op->o_bd ))
            /* If we're also a consumer, then don't generate anything.
             * Wait for our provider to send it to us, or for a local
             * modify if we have multimaster.
            goto out;

At this point, nothing happens when teh consumer connects for teh very
first time, because it is expected to send a contextCSN, which it
obviously don't have.

I do think that the provider should always generate a contextCSN for its
own data, when the syncprov overlay is added. that should solve the
problem. Now, I don't know (yet) what would be the impact on replication
if we do so.

Still investigating...

Emmanuel Lecharny