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Re: (ITS#8533) Support OpenSSL-1.1.0c

--On Saturday, November 26, 2016 10:50 PM +0000 sca@andreasschulze.de wrote:

> But I personally need pkg-config because my openssl library is named
> libssl-dv / libcrypto-dv
> to coexist with the distribution versions. Viktor Dukhovni told me to
> build openssl-1.1 that way
> and beside the requirement for pkg-config I'm personally fine with
> that advise :-)
> should I prepare the new patch to fit your needs?
> otherwise I would be fine if you modify the contribution to your needs.
> Anyway: after I wrote the patch for git-master it was very easy to
> create a patch to compile also 2.4.44 with openssl-1.1
> I could publish that also next week. Do you think that makes sense?

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for looking into this.  I have a few additional comments:

a) "configure.in" should be patched rather than "configure", and then I'd 
verify that regenerating configure works appropriately.

b) A coding style issue found throughout the patch, where you are using 
NULL == variable rather than variable == NULL.  This should be fixed.  For 
example, you have:

if ( NULL == tlso_bio_method ) {

this instead should be:

if ( tlso_bio_method == NULL ) {



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