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Re: (ITS#8522) Incoming

On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 04:48:18PM +0000, rm@mh-freiburg.de wrote:
>#0  0x00007f60dd7e0aa0 in ?? ()
>#1  0x00007f61650bca41 in slap=5Fwritewait=5Fplay (op=3D0x7f60c8002550)=
> at ../../../../servers/slapd/result.c:294
>#2  send=5Fldap=5Fber (op=3D0x7f60c8002550, ber=3D0x7f60dd64f250) at ..=
>#3  0x00007f61650bf651 in slap=5Fsend=5Fsearch=5Fentry (op=3D0x7f60c800=
>2550, rs=3D0x7f60dd7e0aa0) at ../../../../servers/slapd/result.c:1430
>#4  0x00007f616003590b in mdb=5Fsearch (op=3D0x7f60c8002550, rs=3D0x7f6=
>0dd7e0aa0) at ../../../../../servers/slapd/back-mdb/search.c:1086
>#5  0x00007f615f5f8cd6 in relay=5Fback=5Fop (op=3D0x7f60c8002550, rs=3D=
>0x7f60dd7e0aa0, which=3D<optimized out>)
>    at ../../../../../servers/slapd/back-relay/op.c:210

I'm actually thinking this is a duplicate of ITS#8428, already fixed in 
RE24. Can you please try with commit 2e60bf5e applied?