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Re: (ITS#8516) TAG decoding incorrect when longer than 1 byte

On 11. okt. 2016 18:10, elecharny@apache.org wrote:
> IMO, the code that deal with tags in the lber decode.c ber_tag_and_rest() method
> is incorrectly decoding tags that are longer than 1 byte. (...)

It's far too late to change the ASN.1 <-> integer mapping. liblber is
widely used outside OpenLDAP, we don't know if we'd break something.

As lber.h explains:
  * ber_tag_t represents the identifier octets at the beginning of BER
  * elements.  OpenLDAP treats them as mere big-endian unsigned integers.

I wish it had at least used little-endian so we could check the class
and P/C bits with a simple '&' operation. Oh well.