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RE: (ITS#8492) signal 11 in ldap_new_connection

After some more debugging looks like ld->ldc->ldc_options.ldo_defludp varia=
ble is causing this issue, its null when its passed to ldap_new_connection.
How does it populated?

(gdb) p ld->ldc->ldc_options
$13 =3D {ldo_valid =3D 255, ldo_debug =3D 0, ldo_version =3D 3, ldo_deref =
=3D 0, ldo_timelimit =3D 0, ldo_sizelimit =3D 0, ldo_tm_api =3D {tv_sec =3D=
 -1, tv_usec =3D 0}, ldo_tm_net =3D {tv_sec =3D 5, tv_usec =3D 0}, ldo_defl=
udp =3D 0x0, ldo_defport =3D 389,
  ldo_defbase =3D 0x0, ldo_defbinddn =3D 0x0, ldo_keepalive_idle =3D 0, ldo=
_keepalive_probes =3D 0, ldo_keepalive_interval =3D 0, ldo_refhoplimit =3D =
5, ldo_sctrls =3D 0x0, ldo_cctrls =3D 0x0, ldo_rebind_proc =3D 0x0, ldo_reb=
ind_params =3D 0x0,
  ldo_nextref_proc =3D 0x0, ldo_nextref_params =3D 0x0, ldo_urllist_proc =
=3D 0x0, ldo_urllist_params =3D 0x0, ldo_conn_cbs =3D 0x0, ldo_booleans =3D=
 34, ldo_peer =3D 0x0, ldo_cldapdn =3D 0x0, ldo_is_udp =3D 0, ldo_tls_ctx =
=3D 0x0,
  ldo_tls_connect_cb =3D 0x0, ldo_tls_connect_arg =3D 0x0, ldo_tls_info =3D=
 {lt_certfile =3D 0x0, lt_keyfile =3D 0x0, lt_dhfile =3D 0x0, lt_cacertfile=
 =3D 0x0, lt_cacertdir =3D 0x0, lt_ciphersuite =3D 0x0, lt_crlfile =3D 0x0,=
 lt_randfile =3D 0x0,
    lt_protocol_min =3D 0}, ldo_tls_mode =3D 0, ldo_tls_require_cert =3D 2,=
 ldo_tls_impl =3D 0, ldo_tls_crlcheck =3D 0, ldo_def_sasl_mech =3D 0x0, ldo=
_def_sasl_realm =3D 0x0, ldo_def_sasl_authcid =3D 0x0, ldo_def_sasl_authzid=
 =3D 0x0,
  ldo_sasl_secprops =3D {min_ssf =3D 0, max_ssf =3D 2147483647, maxbufsize =
=3D 16777215, security_flags =3D 17, property_names =3D 0x0, property_value=
s =3D 0x0}}
(gdb) p ld->ldc->ldc_options.ldo_defludp
$14 =3D (LDAPURLDesc *) 0x0

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