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Re: (ITS#8427) Incorrect value of tls_reqcert in syncrepl

mkp37215@gmail.com wrote:
> The root cause of the problem:

Thanks for the analysis, will look into it soon.

> On syncrepl retry, code in slap_client_connect
> (servers/slapd/config.c) initialized ld (LDAP) object with default
> values, rather than values saved in sb (slap_bindconf). This was
> because sb->sb_tls_do_init was true and bindconf_tls_set(sb, ld) was
> not called.
> This issue is not related to any specific TLS library. All syncrepl
> retries are executed with wrong TLS settings in ld->ld_options,
> including ldo_tls_require_cert, ldo_tls_keyfile, ldo_tls_certfile,
> ldo_tls_cacertfile, and other (ldo_tls_require_cert has default value
> 2 (demand), while string fields have nulls). However, the bug is
> usually masked, because sb->sb_tls_ctx contains TLS context correctly
> initialized during initial connection attempt, and this context is
> assigned to ld as LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_CTX, and then used by the TLS
> library, while incorrect values in ld->ld_options are ignored in most
> places. But the host-checking code in ldap_int_tls_start
> (libraries/libldap/tls2.c) uses ld->ld_options and triggers the bug.

That description makes sense, OK.

> Explanation of the patch:
> The patch modifies function bindconf_tls_set that copies values from
> slap_bindconf to LDAP object. Code that calls bindconf_tls_set is also
> modified.
> 1. If slap_bindconf object has TLS context, assign it to LDAP object.
> 2. if slap_bindconf does not have a TLS context, create new context
> and assign it it to both slap_bindconf and LDAP objects.
> 3. Removed context replacement functionality and related conditions
> (newctx). The intent of this functionality was unclear, but did not
> appear to be compatible with how binconf_tls_set was used.
> 4. The result of the above code changes is that TLS context is always
> present and correctly assigned, while previously it sometimes was, and
> sometimes wasn't.
> 5. Simplified calls of bindconf_tls_set in the following files:
> servers/slapd/config.c
> servers/slapd/back-ldap/bind.c
> servers/slapd/back-meta/conn.c
> servers/slapd/back-asyncmeta/conn.c
> Things to do:
> I tested the modified slap_client_connect (servers/slapd/config.c),
> but the modifications to files in back-{ldap,meta,asyncmeta} were done
> without proper code and functionality analysis, and without any
> testing. I am hoping for a review from someone knowledgeable.
> Thank you

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