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Re: (ITS#8396) syncprov hourly fails to answer syncrepl


   Before I put any time into putting together a patch for syncrepl.c, I 
listened to what you said was generally recommended.  I added the 
syncprov overlay to the consumer, even though it will never be a 
provider.  I found that with the syncprov overlay after the syncrepl 
overlay in the config file, the DSA's CSN will still get out of sync. 
However, with the syncprov overlay before the syncrepl overlay - I have 
been running for the last three hours without any reports of the DSA's 
CSN being wrong on the replica (with one exception that was a check in 
the middle of an update and did not coincide with the missing csn value 
in the logs).

   Therefore, I'm going to develop a doc patch to fix the guide and man 
pages rather than a code patch.

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