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Re: (ITS#8397) Unable to start LDAP Service in Windows

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charisse.ann.m.jorge@accenture.com wrote:

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> Hi,
> We already contacted Hyperion Support regarding this,
> However, still failed to start the OpenLDAP service.
> And we're thinking if it's in the setup of OpenLDAP.
> Kindly advise. Thank you

The OpenLDAP project only provides code, no builds.  I would note that the 
version reported (2.3.7) is over 10 years old: OpenLDAP 2.3.7 Release 

I would note that the OpenLDAP project stopped supporting the 2.3 release 
nearly 7 years ago.
I would note that the 2.3.7 release was only the second GA release for 
OpenLDAP 2.3, with the final 2.3 release being 2.3.43.

I.e., you're using ancient, completely software that had years of fixes 
past the release.  You need to work with your vendor on a solution.

Alternatively, you could contact Symas to obtain modern, updated OpenLDAP 
2.4 based builds and a support contract (http://www.symas.com).

There is nothing the project can do for you, given all of the above.



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