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Re: (ITS#8396) syncprov hourly fails to answer syncrepl

--On Thursday, April 07, 2016 12:04 AM +0000 Frank Swasey 
<Frank.Swasey@uvm.edu> wrote:

> On 4/6/16, 4:01 PM, "openldap-bugs on behalf of quanah@zimbra.com"
> <openldap-bugs-bounces@openldap.org on behalf of quanah@zimbra.com> wrote:
>> Hi Frank,
>> I'm going to see if I can reproduce this in my setup with your
>> configurations.  I did notice that you don't have the syncprov overlay
>> loaded on your replica, which is generally recommended.
> Quanah,
>   I've never heard that recommendation.  Nor, do I find it in the
> slapo-syncprov man page or the Administrator's guide discussion of the
> syncprov overlay and delta-syncrepl configuration.  Please provide a
> reference to that recommendation.

You just read it. ;)



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