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Re: (ITS#6916) slapo-unique returns operations error when assertion control is used

Johannes.Kanefendt@krzn.de wrote:
> A workaround is to extend the assertion filter to match all other entries
> except the one to be modified:
> (|(cn=*)(!(entryDN=cn=Anna\20Blume,ou=Users,ou=schulung,dc=stroeder,dc=local)))

The whole purpose of using the Assertion Control is that it should match the
modified entry. When I construct a filter deliberately not matching the entry I
can simply omit the Assertion Control completely.

Maybe I didn't get your idea though.

The use-case: My web2ldap sends Assertion Control along with a modify request
with a filter constructed from all attributes considered to be not modified by
another user:


This is done to really ensure that the entry was *not* changed after being read
into the input form the user edits.

Ciao, Michael.