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Re: (ITS#8296) slapd suddenly crash when using syncprov

Hello Quanah,

unfortunately I cannot send here the complete and precise schema, is
used by our internal proprietary applications.
Anyway, it can be described as:
 * dc=directory
 ** ou=person
 ** ou=organization
 ** ou=relationship

"ou=person" has "objectClass=inetOrgPerson" and an identifier (yeah,
clearly other fields like first name, last name, isActive, phone
number, address and so on)
"ou=organization" has an identifier plus the other "common" fields
(name, address...)
"ou=relationship" has "objectClass=groupOfNames" and is used to describe:
 * relationships between persons and organizations ("a person belongs
to one or more organization", that is an "organization has these
persons as members")
 * relationships between organizations (e.g. "org_1_a is a
sub-organization of the main organization org_1", that is "org_1 has
org_1_a as member").

So, considering the schema I described in my previous email:

Test-bench_application --> spring_http_invoker --> Server_side_app
---> data_for_db_2 ---> LDAP ---> data_from_db_2 --->

the "Server_side_app" creates in sequence:
 * one unique organization (let me call it simply "org_p", it has no
 * about 19500 persons by doing a loop as:
 ** create one person
 ** create the related entry in "ou=relationship" to describe "person
x belongs to org_p"

Meanwhile this procedure is done, the synchronization via syncprov is
running to keep in sync the LDAP database 2 and

Hope it helps.

thanks for the feedback.

2015-10-30 19:06 GMT+01:00 Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@zimbra.com>:
> --On Friday, October 30, 2015 10:35 AM +0100 Maurizio Lattuada
> <maurizio.lattuada@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Quanah,
>> I added the syncprov overlay to the 1st database, but is neither used
>> by our application (rather than by another off-the-shelf application)
>> nor replicated as is for the 2nd database.
>> For your 2nd request, unfortunately I'm not able to test it, since
>> between the LDAP and my test-bench application there is another server
>> side application:
> Ok.  Is it possible to provide the custom schema you are using, and an
> example of a user entry you are loading, so I can template it?  I'd like to
> see if I can reproduce the problem.
> Thanks.
> --Quanah
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 Maurizio Lattuada