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Re: (ITS#8215) Slapmodify delete support and documentation

ondra@mistotebe.net wrote:
> Full_Name: Ondřej Kuzn.k
> Version: master
> OS:
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/Ondrej-Kuznik-20150811-slapmodify-delete-support.tgz
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> It is only possible to delete entries in a back-ldif database. This patchset
> implements the equivalent functionality in the other core databases, enables the
> same in back-config and adds a slapmodify manpage. With that in place,
> test007-slapmodify is switched to fail on errors now. ModRDN stays unimplemented
> at this point.
> An outstanding issue is that valgrind complains about a memory leak in bdb on
> entry delete, which I have not been able to pinpoint nor fix.

Thanks. Committed to master. We'll keep this ITS open until the leak is fixed.
> The above patch is derived from OpenLDAP Software. All of the
> modifications to OpenLDAP Software represented in the above patches were
> developed by Ond&#345;ej Kuzník <ondra@mistotebe.net>. I have not assigned
> rights and/or interest in this work to any party.
> I, Ond&#345;ej Kuzník, hereby place the above modifications to OpenLDAP
> Software (and only these modifications) into the public domain. Hence,
> these modifications may be freely used and/or redistributed for any
> purpose with or without attribution and/or other notice.

   -- Howard Chu
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