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Re: (ITS#8270) win32: fix conversion error

On 19. okt. 2015 08:57, nacho.resa@gmail.com wrote:
> I do not understand, I tested also with mingw64 (...)

There's no LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE type on non-Windows machines.
You could replace 'start' with '(LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)(start)'
in the _WIN32 variant of '#define THREAD_CREATE...'.

However, it's still wrong to call a function via another prototype.
Maybe that'd fall on 32-bit Windows or something, I don't know
how LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE is defined.  The safe way would be to
give mdb_env_copythr() a prototype which does not need a cast.
There is some code for that already. Maybe it can be improved.