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Re: (ITS#8260) Test "test062-config-delete" occasionally runs intosegmentation fault

hguo@suse.com wrote:
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> Hello Michael.
> The bug can be triggered not only on master, but on the released versions 2.4.41 and 2.4.42 as well.

test062 is not included in OpenLDAP 2.4. Running it against 2.4 is invalid.

This is a dup of ITS#7639. Closing this ITS.

> Regards,
> Howard
> On Thu, 1 Oct 2015, Michael Str�¶der wrote:
>> Howard,
>> hguo@suse.com wrote:
>>> The test case "test062-config-delete" occasionally runs into segfault when
>>> running with BDB backend. The chance of segfault happening is about once every
>>> 200 runs.
>>> The version of OpenLDAP is post-2.4.42 master checked out at revision
>>> 94d6581b50fa2d877cf4a1e20ca6766454094ef8, simply compiled with make.
>> To me this revision seems to be from master branch. Are you sure you want to
>> test that? Or are you rather looking for testing OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_4 branch?
>> Also note that back-bdb is highly deprecated and IIRC building it will be
>> disabled in OpenLDAP 2.5 (which is AFAIK what master branch is heading to).
>> Ciao, Michael.
>> .
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